Contact Lenses

Leave Your Glasses Behind

Are you tired of carrying your glasses everywhere? Leave them at home! Try our prescribed contact lenses and enjoy the convenience it brings. Prescription contacts give you the functionality you need for good eyesight, as well as the convenience of not carrying your glasses around.

New to Wearing Lenses?

You don't have to worry. Our staff will walk you through how to insert and remove your contacts in just a few minutes.

Rest at Ease

When you come to us, you can relax knowing that we are here to make you feel better. Depending on how your eyesight is, we will give you prescription contacts that are so comfortable you'll have to remind yourself that you're wearing them!
Contact Lenses

Enjoy the Comfort

Our contacts are so easy on the eyes that you'll feel the same as not wearing any lenses on your eyes. With minimal maintenance and cleaning, you can live a more comfortable life and experience better vision with contacts. 
Want to pick up lenses? Drop by today and get a prescribed one! Get in
touch with us now.

Not a fan of glasses? We have contact lenses that are convenient and easy to maintain. Find out which one is best for you! We work with most insurance companies and handle all the paperwork as well. Contact Joseph D. Hashim O.D. today!
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